Problem & Solution

Problem & Solution
The Problem – Residual Mouth Alcohol

Did you know you can fail a roadside breathalyzer test if you:

●Use certain mouthwashes or breath fresheners just before being stopped by police!

●Use your asthma inhaler just before being stopped by Police!

Residual Mouth Alcohol takes approximately 15-20 minutes to dissipate from your mouth after ingesting anything containing alcohol, which can create an inaccurately high breath test result on a roadside breathalyzer test.

NOTE: This Problem is Well Documented by the United States
Federal Government – Click Here

The Solution – Breathalyzer Equalizer

Breathalyzer Equalizer is a powder made from all natural ingredients designed specifically to absorb Residual Mouth Alcohol much faster than normal, helping to provide a more accurate reading of one’s true Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), thus significantly reducing the chances of a false DUI arrest or unnecessary detainment at roadside! This also saves law enforcement valuable time on traffic stops, to pursue the truly intoxicated drivers and remove them from our roadways!